Sixxac Relaunches

We have relaunched our website! Sixxac is committed to developing and maintaining high quality modules for websites. Our upcoming projects will include the use of virtual reality, with plans to redefine how users browse the web on their VR devices.

We believe that virtual reality hails a new era of the Internet, and we’re incredibly excited to be joining this field. If you have any questions about Sixxac or its involvement with VR, please visit our contact page to get in touch.

New SixxacMenu

I’ve posted an update for the DNN SixxacMenu module.

Download here.

Free DNN Modules

Download free DotNetNuke modules here.

Free Windoes CE 2.0 software

Now your Handheld PC not only organizes your phone numbers but also dials them for you!

PowerTime can tell you how long your Handheld or Palm-size PC will have power!

Download both from the Windows CE 2.0 site for FREE!

Windows Mobile 5 has a great selection of free software for Windows Mobile 5.

Virtual Reality Software to Keep Your Eye On

Finally, after 3 decades and several hundred gallons of developer-vomit, virtual reality has finally been made consumer-ready, and it’s going to be huge! This Christmas (2016), it is expected that up to 2.5 million consumers will have their hands on one VR headset or another. We fully expect that ‘mobile VR’ will be the most […]

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Bitcoin: Revolutionising the way we do Business?

Bitcoin Bitcoin is digital ‘crypto-currency’ that allows users to transfer money from one wallet to another with little to no transaction fee. It is essentially an open source currency that is available to anyone and can be transferred to anyone. Bitcoin is secure and anonymous, transactions are public but parties involved in the transaction are […]

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